Thursday, May 28, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 5.28.09: Please, Sir, may I have some more...

The aftermath of the May 19 special election is starting to hit home. Will Lightbourne, Santa Clara county social services director, said the Guvernator’s proposed cuts were Dickensian and would remove a safety net for children that “every first-world nation has.” San Jose Assemblymember Jim Beall said the CalWORKS demise would result in “a lot of little kids begging on the streets.”

Foothill-De Anza will cut 65 positions, 34 people and 31 empty gigs are gone. D.C. bound Chancellor Martha Kanter said the aftermath of the May 19 election is “devastating news for all of education.”

San Jose is moving forward on freezing salaries for the Operating Engineers after failed contract negotiations. Union representative Bill Pope said medical co-pay and how long the freeze would last were stumbling blocks, and the city was too rigid.

Speaking of frozen salaries…

San Jose Revealed dug through City Hall archives to bring new quotable moments, and another nickname, for Councilmember Pete Constant. Revealed is all over the councilmember’s new found determination to “lead by example.” Watch Dog is flattered Revealed is a loyal reader

The screw-up could cost the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority $57 million, but they’re hoping you won’t ask for your $130. Sierra Club director, Melissa Hippard, calls turning down the dough “a no brainer.” Really?

Teen blogger/artist Katy Hughes and her Mother Elizabeth won’t be getting any money from the Open Space, they are looking for permanent housing, again. The story is a familiar one to Jennifer Van Every of EHC LifeBuilders, “it’s reflective of the economic crisis.”

Seven and a half years after San Jose police officer Jeffrey Fontana was killed in Almaden Valley, DeShawn Campbell was convicted of his murder. Judge Diane Northway called the jurors “shining stars,” while Police Chief Rob Davis and District Attorney Dolores Carr sent props to prosecutor Lane Liroff.

Swim coach Andrew King was on his way to court for charges related to “inappropriate relations with a child” when he was busted by the San Leandro police for the same thing. King had swim meets as far as Canada so expect more fallout.

There’s another perv on the loose in Gilroy. Police are looking for a man in a white SUV who circled around sisters 5 times before taking off.

The Merc’s Scott Herhold has a couple of choice words for San Jose police after withholding the 911 tapes. Pompous and manure. San Jose Insider/De-Bug’s Raj Jayadev reflects on teaching moments lost in time

Mountain View residents can expect a call from pollsters for the school district. Mountain View Whisman trustee Ellen Wheeler calls the poll necessary saying even she doesn’t know where she stands on the proposed bond. Gene Bergman & Assoc and political consultants Tramutola are happy as well…

The Los Altos Planning Commission is recommending the city council approve expansion of the Pilgrim Haven retirement community following a stream of Los Altans worried about traffic and time. Commissioner John Baer encouraged opponents to take “another shot” saying “council likes to hear from all the residents,” as he laughed.

Los Gatos town manager Greg Larson is celebrating the efforts of employees who used pedal power to get to work earlier this month. Town attorney Orry Korb rode his bike from Santa Cruz. Also using pedal power Mayor Mike Wasserman, police Capt. Alana Forrest, town finance director Steve Conway . Watch Dog hopes Larson provided them showers before the cocktails…

Some of you wish you’d been on your bike last weekend… Santa Clara County police officers busted 115 drivers for drinking, or drugging, and driving.

Caltrain riders worried about fare increases and decreasing service affecting riders from Gilroy to San Francisco were joined by Chamber of Commerce officials. There’s always the bike, just ask Orry.

If you tweet much you were probably already at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum when Twitter’s Anamitra Banerji denied the making of a Twitter TV show.

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Kathleen said...

San Jose Inside/Metro have lost their minds!
I find it sad and very heart breaking that the Metro, slash SJI found it acceptable to put this trash of Raj’s and the Herhold piece on the 911 tapes on their blog, but have completely ignored the Fontana family, and the murder of their innocent 24 year old son. That blog is becoming nothing more than the twisted sister of the Metro and De Bugged!