Friday, May 29, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 5.29.09: Vegas, Fries, Sewage... Happy Friday

Mayor Mike Wasserman is not a happy camper saying it “fries” him to learn the Governator may take almost $1 million as punishment for failure of the May 19 election.

The Great Recession is the pain that keeps on aching. San Jose’s city council was visited by janitors who got ditched by Cisco. Janitorial rep Guadalupe Antolin hopes the city council will throw its weight around at Cisco and get them back to work. Watch Dog is (pretty) sure Antolin didn't mean ...

Sunnyvale School Superintendent Ben Picard is joining the ranks of Silicon Valley school districts heading to the ballot box. Paraphrasing a little Vegas ditty, Picard says what’s raised here, stays here. First step, a poll…

Sunnyvale residents, nice job cutting back on water, as appreciation, and in the spirit of the booming economy – your rates are going up!

Silicon Valley is ready to launch the next big tourist attraction… the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant hopes the $1 billion overhaul will turn it into the next California Academy of Sciences.

It’s the feel-good cop story San Jose police have been waiting for. Police officers Luan Nguyen and Manny Vasquez were winging their way home from a much needed vacation in Vietnam when mile high circumstances required their expert police skills.

The Merc’s Barbara Marshman kept the conversation going at a Silicon Valley Leadership Group panel with local green experts. Read all the gory details.

The Merc’s Editorial Board joins Sierra Club’s Melissa Hippard to call on Silicon Valley homeowners to ditch the offer of a $130 refund. Let the Santa Clara Open Space Authority keep the ill-gotten gain, unless you’re among the pink slip proud or hate the great outdoors.

The Merc’s Joe Rodriguez sat with a very lucky man to learn how failed assassinations brought Mexico’s rising political star, David Figueroa, to San Jose. Now safe with his family, Now the Mexican Consul General, Figueroa sees the crease of a bullet each time he looks in the mirror.

It’s the Silicon Valley Dream… Judy Dugan and Julia Murphy began a hike as friends and ended it as entrepreneurs for Jumping Cracker Beans greeting cards. Within a year they were shipping underwear elastic, making lemonade and winning the Louie…

Mr. Roadshow, aka Gary Richards, asks the knuckleheads from Stanford not to use Highway 280 as a vehicle for protest…

A Morgan Hill police officer’s Glock was stolen from his home. There’s a $1,000 in it for you to help get the gun back. Call Morgan Hill police at 408.779.2101 or the anonymous tip line at 408-947-STOP (7867).

The Metro dishes on kids and porn. From “sexting” to surfing, kids seem to have a grip on new technology. An anonymous “Jane” reports mobile computing is the preferred source for education and maybe a little test cheating. Watch Dog can hear the howls from the BFF’s

Los Gatans are asked to chime in on land use next week, if you dig figuring out what to do now that Los Gatos car dealerships are out, this is for you…

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