Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 7.1.09: Post Dominatrix hangovers....

Twitter it ain’t… Palo Alto’s policy committee spoke to a nearly empty room on the fate of Peak Democracy’s online Palo Alto forum. Councilmember Sid Espinosa said the forum was of “no value” while colleagues disagreed keeping the site running.

Silicon Valley De-Bug director Raj Jayadev called on San Jose’s Police Officers Association to end the “name-calling” at a rally Tuesday night. Tossing a little humor in the mix, Jaydev had a new t-shirt on declaring “Thug.” POA leader Bobby Lopez thought better of his “ticked off” response to the Merc and allowed as how he would meet with Jayadev. Psst, the video link on Protect San Jose goes straight to YouTube. Way to make promises

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith apologized with tears in her eyes following the deaths of cyclists Matt Peterson and Kristy Gough last year. Yesterday Peterson’s family got the news the County is coughing up $2.3 million.

Joining San Jose Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio for the San Jose Stage political fundraiser were the Merc’s own Man About Town, Sal Pizarro, San Jose Inside’s Fly and Mission City Lantern. Show stealer, Councilmember Judy Chirco, kept her dignity and her seat. Fly reports more sex humor, less political satire while Mission City wants to know more about Councilmember Pete Constants fascination with the dominatrix.

The assemblymember formerly known as “Mr. Insurance” is currying favor with the Da Mayor. Joe “Gotcha Covered” Coto carried a controversial (San Francisco) state law change for former San Francisco Mayor/former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown – much to the surprise of San Francisco leaders. SF Supe’s weren’t pleased and killed the end run around State law.

Los Altos declared its NIMBY heart over Mountain View’s housing proposal with worries Mountain View residents would clog Los Altos streets. Mountain View Mayor Margaret Abe-Koga pointed out neighbors share

Good fences make good neighbors, does good policy do the same? San Jose Councilmembers Pierluigi Oliverio and Sam Liccardo are voicing support for the Distinctive Neighborhoods program which might give residents more say in who their neighbors are…

Drama runs high in the preliminary hearing for gang members sharing the defense table in Gilroy. Norteno’s defense attorney, Edward Sousa, wants his clients out since one of their gang was killed.

Santa Clara County’s new courthouse in Morgan Hill hasn’t translated to more downtown dollars – yet. Could it be the economic downturn affects even judges?

San Jose Insider/Santa Clara County Board of Education Trustee Joseph DiSalvo read the recently released Civil Grand Jury report hinting it ain’t the kids benefitting from education dollars. DiSalvo muses the 31 different school districts in Santa Clara County might not serve the children

In Los Gatos the Parks Commission issued a concern that sometimes local regulations get ignored as trees are mowed down. Really? Naked hills are a problem for Councilmember Steve Rice.

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