Friday, July 17, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.17.09: Darn... that bus I never take is getting cut

An economy in free fall is where the Valley Transit Authority’s Michael Burns places responsibility for transit cuts and fare hikes. Not that it’s any consolation, but Randy Rentschler of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission said cuts are happening all around the bay “…often much worse than those in Santa Clara County.” (Watch Dog San Mateo covered the same story, but swapped out VTA and replaced it with SamTrans...)

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro highlights the historical insights of Evergreen Valley College Professors Nannette Regua and Arturo Villareal “Mexicans in San Jose” which starts with the founding of San Jose in 1777 and concludes with the opening of the Mexican Heritage Plaza.

News Flash: Palo Alto neighbors (NIMBYs) support a building taller than recommended height limits. Of course, that limit is 25 feet… Amazing.

That pesky business tax in Palo Alto won’t apply to non-profits and the rates have been modified, a lot. On to the voters.

Los Altos Hills plans on meeting State requirements to provide their “fair share” of affordable housing with the granny unit. $4 million home, separate unit in the back… Granny is going to have a nice place to live...

Morgan Hill will cough up $310,000 to renovate the Granada Theatre, decreasing the number of seats. Paul Gunsky, CineLux owner, will operate the Granada in exchange for exclusive rights at a new movie theatre a block away.

To local blogs...

San Jose Revealed is still dark... (sad)

James at Mission City Lantern is still on the "who writes San Jose Revealed" investigation... the finalists (according to James) are Justin Schall, Ash Pirayou, and Doug Winslow. We think he is missing some of the likely suspects...

Not missing a beat... Protect San Jose uses the rising homocide rate to call for more Officers.

And San Jose Inside/Fly relays a funny idea: Drug testing for Sacramento lawmakers...

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Kathleen said...

"Not missing a beat... Protect San Jose uses the rising homocide rate to call for more Officers."

I think that is a pretty unfair statement Watch Dog. Protect San Jose was put up and designed to educate and inform citizens of crime, and resources. It is not a political stunt to get more Officers. Just because they are being honest about their lack resources, and explaining why they aren’t able to provide the kinds of services they want to doesn’t mean they have some kind of hidden agenda.

We have less than 1,400 Police Officers to serve 1 MILLION citizens. We have the Governor releasing thousands of supposed "non violent" criminals into our communities, and more to come. What the hell do you expect from SJPD given these odds?

God give it a rest already will you?