Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.16.09: More Wet News...

Barely halfway through 2009, San Jose is on track for a record number of murders. A man was shot to death in the Santee area. Sgt. Ronnie Lopez said it probably wasn’t a drive-by.

The Blue Ribbon Compost Task Force in Palo Alto has made a recommendation to keep composting. Seriously. We can't make this stuff up. (In fairness, it is a little more complicated than that...)

In other "News of the Weird" from Palo Alto... A homeless City Council candidate is being asked by Palo Alto Police not to take up residence outside Whole Foods. (Watch Dog guesses it might lead to some serious liberal guilt if he was living outside of Whole Foods...)

The Merc’s Joe Rodriguez didn’t get asked his opinion on un-doing the problems of the “monumental flop” called the Mexican Heritage Plaza, but that didn’t stop him from posting ideas from readers. Ideas for re-tooling the 1987 vision by then-Councilmember Blanca Alvarado include a Seattle-style Space Needle with a rotating Mexican restaurant.

Other opinions from Merc columnists... The unveiling of a piece of the Mineta San Jose International Airport drew kudos from the Merc’s Sal Pizarro who toured with “dozens of dignitaries.” Begging the question, San Jose has "dozens" of dignitaries?

Mountain View Police will soon take advantage of Google’s free WiFi. The WiFi system will also be used to enhance the water meters at the Pulte Homes' development.

Lots of Los Altos/Los Altos Hills news today...
(Apparently) Worried the Los Gatos City Council might not know where they were, the Los Gatos Arts Commission has remade the Council Chambers with an exhibit called “You Are Here.” No word if City Manager Greg Larson has Facebooked about the exhibit yet... (Watch Dog spies are constantly updating us on Larson's status...)

San Jose Inside’s Fly reports Police Chief Rob Davis forced the closure of Club Wet. Apparently, the weapon used during the most-recent stabbing was the size of a pinkie finger and really, no serious wounds were left behind. Club owners dismissed the multiple stabbing as a little dance floor fight with revelers back in action after security guards swooped in. Aside from the fact SJPD didn’t close the club (club owners did), it’s nice to know that if you’re stabbed with a little knife it’s not really a "stabbing." Remember, this "stabbing" was unpreventable according to Wet's lobbyist. (A nightclub needs a lobbyist?)

San Jose Inside’s Silicon Valley Newsroom has resorted to using Watch Dog as their news source of choice having given up on reporters. The latest homage to Watch Dog is reposting the (old) news that Assemblymember Joe Coto and State Senator Gilbert Cedillo were dropped from the Minuteman lawsuit.

Inside isn't the only blog joining the news aggregating business, so is Protect San Jose...

Sadly, Revealed remains silent... pneumonia... vacation... new job?

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