Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.22.09: Mayor Gage... Again?

We'll start in South County...

Former Gilroy Mayor/County Supervisor Don Gage is aiming for the Garlic Capitol’s top job again. Gage has his sites set on being Mayor once more, if Mayor Al Pinheiro is ousted on the recall, Gage won’t wait til next year’s election. Gage is running because “...morale at the city sucks...” and back when he was mayor “…there was no whining or crying on the council...”

The Merc dug a little deeper into the Club Wet re-opening (after Watch Dog broke the news Monday). It seems the Club’s consultant/ lobbyist agreed to drastic, monumental modifications to get the Club’s entertainment permit back. Oh, wait. Actually, Wet agreed to close 15 minutes early and shrink its occupancy by 15 people. What about holding bad apples accountable?

A pair of San Jose scam artists was busted in Canada. Amir Rashidifar and Mary Delvecchio stole as much as a half million from desperate homeowners. If you have info detective Dave Solis of the San Jose Police Department's Fraud Unit at 408-277-4521.

The folks at Psycho Donuts may have bit off more than they can chew here. Co-Owner/ Head Psycho Kipp Berdiansky will debate Oscar Wright, CEO of United Advocates for Children and Families. Look for the sparks to fly this weekend on KTVU.

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro helped local radio when he posted a request from KKUP for a financial boost last month. They’re a little shy of their goal and have on a few days left. If you get KKUP on your dial, perhaps you could cough it up... Pizarro also provides us with today's "Geek Alert!" Douglas Engelbart will be visiting San Jose’s Tech Museum. Don’t know him? Hint: your mouse calls him Papa.

Also in fundraising mode: San Jose’s Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center is desperate for funding, according to interim Executive Director Paul Wysocki.

Morgan Hill Unified School District (former) grant writer Dan Ehrler landed a $1 million Teaching American History grant before his departure. Now he’s coming back as grant coordinator.

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