Thursday, July 9, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.9.09: A story that never seems to die...

There have been a few stories in the past week about former San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales and some job applications he's filled out. Watch Dog bets that he likes those stories better than the one that is landing in San Mateo County right now. You see, there is an ongoing Garbage Saga in San Mateo County that our sister blog Watch Dog San Mateo has been covering for sometime. Well, the Civil Grand Jury up there just issued some findings about their newest County garbage contract. That's where San Jose and Ron Gonzales come in. The San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury goes into depth about San Jose's botched garbage deal, Mayor Gonzales' deal with Norcal, and how that should have been taken into consideration before Norcal landed the San Mateo County contract... I guess that story will never, ever die... (We will link the full report when it comes online...)

Quite honestly, this is an embarrassment,” according to San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle. Silicon Valley cities face the expensive task of chasing down crooks and suspects whose loot the County District Attorney confiscated – but never asked to keep. DA Dolores Carr pointed an accusing finger at her predecessor for the costly foul-up.

The growth of South Bay gangs gets a double dose of love from the Metro. Gilroy Mayor Al Pinheiro snapped “…let’s not get the media hyped up and point to Gilroy as a hard-core gang kind of place,” in response to accusation that a lack of political will is at the heart of Gilroy’s gang problems.

Lawsuits, exploding toilets, and sewage spills have Palo Alto’s City Council considering handing responsibility for sewer lines to residents. Neighborhood policy wonk Bob Moss is rallying the troops before the City’s meeting.

“Poison pill,” “clueless staff,” and “squandered dollars” highlight a Mercury News Editorial call to rid the State budget of the costly requirement to re-study High-speed rail alternatives. How do you really feel?

At least 16 acres of the San Antonio shopping center in Mountain View are slated for a “pedestrian friendly” make over to become a “really modern” shopping center. Really...

Shut those taps, people! For now Los Altos is asking residents politely to curb water use. Assistant City Manager Jay Logan is hopeful the “intelligent skill-set” in Los Altos will cooperate. Of course, the "intelligent skill-set" generally have huge lawns...

Former San Jose Councilmember/Santa Clara County Affordable Housing Director Margie Matthews reports there are more people living on the street. Supervisor Don Gage called the increase “troubling.”

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