Friday, July 10, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.10.09: The Los Altos Giants

Hoping to nuke San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s “A’s to San Jose” dreams, Giants CEO Bill Neukom laid down the law at the Los Altos Rotary. “It’s our territory,” Neukom said, confident San Jose and Bud Selig take marching orders from Los Altans.

Looks like everyone has now read the recent Civil Grand Jury report on local school districts “questionable” expenses. The Merc’s Editorial Board joins the chorus calling for financial restructuring. Like zapping health benefits for Trustees. If they do, what’ll Unelected East Side Trustee/Supervisorial staffer Eddie Garcia do, after all, you might remember that he generously turned down County health benefits in exchange for a (much) larger salary

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro sends kudo’s to San Jose Museum of Art, Children's Musical Theater of San Jose, TheatreWorks, and San Jose Jazz for landing some of those Federal dollars. Pizarro also chatted with Poor House Bistro owner Jay Meduri whose Saturday gig should raise the roof, literally.

Just in time for some of that school district re-vamp… The Foothill-De Anza College District Board is looking for a new board member. That would be where Assemblymember Paul Fong and D.C. bound Hal Plotkin got their feet wet

Palo Alto’s College Terrace neighborhood board wants to make sure the City Council knows how they feel about the JJ&F grocery’s “inadequateneighborhood benefits. JJ&F owner John Garcia is getting frustrated and said if they don’t want a grocery “they can keep fighting this.”

Speaking of Palo Alto... Expect the next City Council race to be a biggy. Councilman John Barton is not seeking another term. That makes three Council-folk from Palo Alto that won't be on the ballot in November: Barton, Yoriko Kishimoto, and Jack Morton. The other folks up in November are Larry Klein, who is running again, and Peter Drekmeier, who will let us all know on Monday. Hold on to your hats, it could be a real barn burner in Palo Alto in November.

Morgan Hill is tired of dumping dollars into the Cochrane Commons and is moving on to greener pastures

Cabbie/kidnapper Tarandeep Singh “might” have had the proper papers to pick up passengers in San Jose according to Morgan Hill Police Sgt. Jerry Neumayer. After all, attorney Richard Pointer says, Alpha Cab wouldn’t let him drive “...if he was not properly permitted...”

San Jose Inside doubts BART will find its way to San Jose… But, more interesting it looks like San Jose Inside has bailed on the time honored tradition of newspaper reporters and moved to news aggregation. Imitation being the sincerest form, etc., etc.

In other blog news:
  • James Rowen at Mission City Lantern has a theory about Ben Field joining the South Bay Labor Council and how that relates to San Jose Revealed's "pneumonia"...
  • San Jose POA Chief Bobby Lopez is a good writer... who knew? See for yourself at Protect San Jose...
  • And Bobby Lopez's BFF, Silicon Valley De-Bug checks in on the possibility of San Jose getting an "Independent" Police Auditor...

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