Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 8.14.09: The announcement Raj has been waiting for...

Usually we cover blogs at the end of the Round-Up, but today we moved one blog up: Protect San Jose. Today, Bobby Lopez, the head of San Jose Police Officers Association, let us know that he will be leaving his union post at the end of this year. We will miss his quotability... but Raj probably won't.

While we are on the topic... San Jose Police are dealing with the City’s 19th murder – a 46 year old sex offender was stabbed to death on The Alameda. As they deal with the 19th murder, the 13th murder makes news: gang member Ray Murillo was busted for San Jose’s – he’s accused of shooting an 18 year old at a house party.

Speaking of crime (sort of)... It’s bad enough the Department of Justice is investigating Palo Alto's Utility Department for falsification of their employee qualification tests… Now a breakdown in communications caused a breakdown in gas service for customers – for the second time this year.

Speaking of crime (really)... Gilroy Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao was worried the early spike in gang activity signaled a tough year ahead. So far, the summer has been quiet as gang activity has dropped dramatically. (Oddly?) The drop in activity coincides with the bust of Nortenos and Surenos on trial for Larry Martinez.


California Youth Soccer Hall of Famer Thomas Anderson faces an additional molestation charge after a second child came forward.

Morgan Hill’s pedestrian-(un)friendly Third Street Promenade is mired in construction leaving pedestrians confused (and wounded) and businesses crying foul.

Now something significantly more shopper-friendly… Local Farmers Markets taking home over $100,000 weekly? According to the math in the Mountain View Voice it’s possible. That’s some kinda lettuce… (Watch Dog thinks the Voice might be a little jealous...)

Mountain View – Los Altos High School District Trustees are debating a “green bond” that could save the District over $400,000 annually. Superintendent Barry Groves looks forward to a committee working out details that could lead to a June 2010 vote.

Former Olympic Wrestler/New Gilroy High School Principal Marco Sanchez is busily making friends and hiring teachers. Superintendent Deborah Flores is delighted indicating he’s confirmed her first impressions. Could one Gilroy school be facing renewal?

California Highway Patrol’s Cristina Tagle suggested Gary “Mr. Roadshow” Richards readers leave their “emotions at home” in anticipation of Monday’s BART strike.

Mary Ann Cook reports through Mainstreet Los Gatos that library supporters have a new friend in the petition battle – the recumbent bicycle-riding activist. Also, Los Gatos’ own Dave Schaub will head out on a solo trip dubbed 49 in 9 for Ronald McDonald House -- that's 49 states and 9,000 miles. He will definately need a delicious Fred's steak after that...

San Jose Insider Pete Campbell joins the great American healthcare debate suggesting insurance for all should come with rules like: fat people can’t eat out or go to bars, no one gets more than 2 drinks, and tobacco is outlawed.

Mission City Lantern engages in a thinly veiled tale of San Jose politics and people.

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