Friday, August 21, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 8.21.09: The DA and East Side Union... again

Hoping to move investigations along faster, Trustees for East Side Union High School District have hired their own law firm to investigate Superintendent Bob Nunez’s (possible) embezzlement. The Board also received $115,000 from Save Our Sports because, as parent Patty Carrillo put it, “...the kids need sports, and that’s what we’re focused on...”

San Jose Inside is back... and the Insiders are very pleased with themselves. Inside has discovered “tagging” and direct replies… San Jose Inside also reports District Attorney Dolores Carr is not happy with Governor Schwarzenegger's plan to evict nearly 40,000 prison inmates. Well, not that many people are pleased with DA Carr either.

Fix that leaky faucet is the message coming from the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Word is Silicon Valley residents haven’t made the grade on the 15% voluntary water usage reduction. World Toilet Day is just around the corner, so you better get with the program...

Looking for someone “… qualified to build an NFL stadium...” 49ers spokesperson Lisa Lang is hopeful Santa Clara’s newly minted Charter Review Committee will find a way to make it so. Senator Elaine Alquist has similar legislation moving through the hallowed halls of Sacramento.

Supervisor (and Gilroy Mayoral wannabe?) Don Gage joins the garbage fracas telling pissed off residents “GreenWaste Recovery was able to do more for less...” (and had better lobbyists no doubt) than competitor/current provider South Valley Disposal and Recycling. Representatives from South Valley's parent company NorCal Waste Systems will (probably) show up at the Supervisor’s meeting to disagree…

Assemblymember Bill Monning (apparently) took offense to a recent story about legislators handing out raises… Monning made sure the Morgan Hill Times knew none of his staff got raises and he asked for a 10% paycut. Not to be outdone, Assemblymember Anna Caballero also took a 10% cut from her $116,000 salary…

Mountain View’s Googler/(accused) thief Leonard Izbicki was busted after walking out (and selling) $80,000 in tech-dream hardware.

Neighbors are happy. So is Babe Ruth Baseball. But there’s one very pissed off Mountain View Councilmember. Using money from “Clean Safe Creeks and Flood Protection” Santa Clara Valley Water District engineer Afshin Rouhani says all promises will be kept in creating a park/flood basin -- but that means losing some parkland but gaining two refurbished baseball fields. Councilmember Laura Macias shot back the Water District was using “basic psychology” and behaving outrageously and she is acting in her own, I mean her neighbors', best interst.

(perv/rapist) Swim coach Andrew King is landing in another court soon. Jane Doe, one of King’s dozen (so-far) victims, is suing. Also lawsuit bound are USA Swimming and Pacific Swimming with accusations of negligent hiring

David Pilipina was busted for the stabbing death of 19 year old Kristina Harris Perkins during a brawl at the Alum Rock Lightrail Station in San Jose. The Sheriffs are looking for others, if you know anything, call Sgt. Herman Leon at 408-808-4500.

Our Psycho Donut friends want to be “the most unusual doughnut shop on the planet” but not by pissing off the entire mental health contingent. So, (new) chief Psycho/music lover Jordan Zweigoron says you’ll now see “Headbanger” instead of “Massive Head Trauma” with more musical transitions are yet to come…

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro sends props to Bert George for receiving the Boy Scouts Distinguished Citizen Award. Pizarro also dishes there’s a kid-filled Sunday on the horizon at San Jose State University with Lemony Snicket’s The Composer is Dead.

Fighting a different sort of tagging was on the mind of Protect San Jose’s Beat Cop. Beat Cop reports San Jose Police has a new online tool to send graffiti photos, as long as it’s under 100k…

Finally, let’s end this week of perv’s and embezzlers on a high note… The Merc’s Linda Goldston weaves a tale of love and horse whispering. Maddie Hodgson is living every little girls fantasy as she works with blind, and a little broken, Misty at Kids Love Horses.

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