Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 8.4.09: Wanna great deal on a plasma...

It’s the time of year to turn on your porch lights and head outdoors, it’s National Night Out. All around the Valley neighbors will meet each other, it helps when you see someone sneaking around late at night.

Santa Clara County Tax Assessor Larry Stone has “reluctantly concluded” California needs a constitutional convention.

First, Chamber head-honcho Pat Dando writes an OpEd calling for a San Jose City Council decision about the bids for a library be reconsidered... the obvious retort was in today’s paper: Robert Baldini, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council fires back. The Merc weighs in (again) on this issue as they discuss the City of San Jose's massive budget problem... Even San Jose Inside’s Fly is buzzing around this smelly mess...

Pointing to a desire for transparency, Morgan Hill School District Trustees invited local unions to join them during interviews of Superintendent replacements. Search firm Cosca Group is a little pissed saying they earned their creds on confidentiality.

Gilroy’s City Council moves a little closer to allowing the County’s first medical marijuana clinic. Councilmember Bob Dillon called marijuana an unethical med and worries the feds will be here to bust up the party.

From our Sister blog, Watch Dog San Mateo we learn more about Palo Alto finances (and problems)…

The Merc’s Scott Herhold reports on more fallout from San Jose’s unceremonious dismissal of Independent Police Auditor Barbara Attard. Local digs for Attard included a city loan, and is now part of the great underwater real estate disaster. Here’s an idea for San Jose, keep the condo, rent it to the new IPA until you fire them. Last years numbers from the IPA receive full council review this month.

A big ol’ “infomercial for Psycho Donuts” was how Brian Miller, Executive Director for the local National Alliance on Mental Illness, described last weeks “debate” between head (donut) psycho Kipp Berdiansky and Oscar Wright, CEO United Advocates for Children and Families.

Former soccer coach/accused perv Thomas Anderson’s Pastor Erik Swanson showed up in court to proclaim Andersons innocence. If you have an alternative view, Santa Clara Police detective Sgt. Daniel Moreno wants to hear from you 408-615-4813.

The economic meltdown (possibly) coupled with email enthusiasm is contributing to pain at the United States Postal Service. Slated for closure, post offices in San Jose’s Oakridge Mall and Colonnade.

Sal Pizarro says you have no excuse for adding your 2 cents to San Jose’s “Envision San Jose 2040,” heck you can even do it in your bathrobe and slippers. Pizarro also dished Team San Jose CEO Dan Fenton now heads the Destination Marketing Association International board – does this make San Jose a destination dream?

Also thinking about San Jose’s future. Neighbors are getting together with planners to think about the connection between San Jose’s Diridon Station, (possible) major league baseball, high-speed rail, BART and residents. Party pooper/Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio said ideas are great but the State’s money theft makes dreams unlikely.

Speaking of State thievery… Campbell is looking at a loss of more than $3 million according to city manager Dan Rich who called the theft an “illegal, irrational sham.”

Darryl Williams and Vernon Green visited San Jose to sell “gag” gifts. The joke was on the purchaser when the gift turned out to be a fake plasma TV or broken computer. Don’t be shy, if you had these new age door-to-door salesmen show up call detective Kristin Anderson at 408-808-4500.

San Jose Insider Joseph DiSalvo continues his support for charter schools.

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