Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 9.17.09: This website is too busy to show the webpage…

The Merc’s site is very popular today. Before the site got hit (an attack or just really popular?) we pulled a few tidbits from the Merc’s headlines. Hope this is not a sign of things to come...

Most of the gubernatorial hopefuls hit Silicon Valley for an (un)cheery discussion of California’s gloomy state of affairs along with their pitch to be the next leader.

“Our job here is not to go on strike,” according to Service Employees International Union representative Brian Ward as negotiations with the city of Palo Alto stretched long into the night. Councilmember Pat Burt called allegations of “hiding” money “silly” and said they were “red herrings” that were distracting negotiations.

Plastic bags are on their way out the door in Palo Alto. While most of the environmentally conscious town’s markets gave up the bits of flotsam before being asked a few will end use tomorrow. The American Chemistry Council could be heard grumbling as they toted off with their reusable bag filled with goodies from Piazza’s.

Gilroy’s City Council is sending police and planning staff to investigate the joys of medical marijuana.

Gilroy schools received an uneven report card. All but two schools were inside the 700 range. Mount Madonna and (former) charter school El Portal Leadership Academy stumbled along in the 500’s. El Portal is best remembered as the site of stolen teacher funds as the Mexican American Community Services Agency (MACSA) “borrowed” money…

Here’s some (un)cheerful news to read at breakfast – if you’re stuck on the railroad tracks with a train hurtling towards you, jump out and run in the direction of the train at an angle. This after Santa Clara County employee Chuck Issacson was killed when his car was pinned between cars.

Mission City Lantern offers up a new name for the lobbyist firm of Saggau and DeRollo, bada bing… And, pokes fun at Watch Dog for a tardy post, thanks for the kind words in spite of the late posting, James.

Protect San Jose’s Beat Cop offers that annoying helicopter hovering over your home should be heard as the swooping of the hawk looking for prey, while keeping you safe from rodents.

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