Monday, September 14, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 9.14.09: Welcome to Club Wet, here's a card for Bad Boys

If you were online and reading Watch Dog this weekend, you probably saw a post from Friday evening about Club Wet's latest and greatest. It includes a YouTube video, so you should probably check it out if you are trying to ease into your Monday morning without doing any real work -- but turn down the volume. (We thank San Jose Inside for being on top of all things Wet.) The Merc followed up with a story on Saturday about the Club. We are especially fond of the quotes of Club Wet's lobbyists/ spokesmen Tom Saggau:
"...No one was hurt, no one was arrested..."
"...every once in a while, people act inappropriately..."
Flashback: Remember, these quotes below that followed a stabbing at Club Wet made by Saggau's partner, Dustin DeRollo, not so long ago
"...It was one individual bad apple that spoiled the barrel..."
"...We don't think this was preventable..."
We bring this up because the firm of Saggau and DeRollo is in the paper again today... but not about Club Wet, about bail bonds. We wonder if Saggau and DeRollo hand out Bad Boys Bail Bonds cards inside the Club...

Speaking of bail bonds, the issue is back and it looks like a 22-month moratorium for new bail bonds will be voted on. The Merc's Editorial Board chimed in supporting the moratorium and called it a "gift" to bail bonds operations. (They also call out the aforementioned lobbyists...)

(Former) Mayor Tom McEnery is moving forward with plans for his Urban Market hoping San Jose’s (already struggling) restaurateurs will help with mini-eateries. The Merc’s Sal Pizarro reports more than a little eye-rolling at the thought of expansion during the economic crisis.

and, speaking of (receiving) anonymous complaints… San Jose’s Elections Commission isn’t interested in hearing from anonymous whistleblowers unless they use the phone. (Former) Mayor Tom McEnery’s 20 “unintentional” paperwork screwups pissed off Commissioners and McEnery neighbors.

Proving nepotism runs strong in San Jose, Councilmember Nora Campos hopes to hand the keys to her office to brother Xavier in San Jose’s 2010 council race. The Merc’s Internal Affairs checked with Campos about the little problem of embezzlement charges facing former employer MACSA to learn the former Chief Operations Officer didn’t get involved in day-to-day operations. (If that is true, we love the ironic job title Campos had...) IA also dishes local judges are refusing furlough days. No doubt the folks making a lot less than the judicial $170,000 would like to do the same. Also in the news, the Boots (Del Biaggio) heading to prison pulled out all the stops with everyone from Catholic Bishops to San Jose Redevelopment Agency staff writing “he’s a nice guy who made a boo-boo” letters to lessen the sentence. Finally, the Van Jones leaves D.C. story won’t end with a return of former labor leader Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins.

The economic crunch continues to pound public libraries. The Santa Clara County Library shut down a third of their computers leaving (unemployed) web-surfing wannabe’s in the lurch when the demand for high intensity data shot up.

For government Watch Dogs, this week is full of fireworks… thank you Merc.
  • The County Board of Supervisors discusses passing the State’s cutbacks on to foster care and AIDS prevention.
  • San Jose’s City Council hears a debate between experts about San Jose A’s bringing a pretty penny and (finally) concludes the long discussion about bail bonds moratoriums.
  • Figuring out whether there are enough textbooks is on tap at the Fremont Union High School District.
  • County pockets could become part of the City of Monte Sereno and the Monte Sereno City Council reviews a hazard mitigation plan.
  • The Franklin-McKinley School District talks test results.
  • During the economic disaster, and with schools losing State money hand over fist, the Santa Clara County Office of Education reviews policies on Board compensation, benefits, and travel.
  • The Campbell Union High School District gets an update on the strategic plan. Wonder if this economic crisis was predicted 3 years ago.
  • Superintendent Bob Nunez is the discussion at the East Side Union High School District... again.
  • Hearing about test results and studying student enrollment, attendance areas and transportation is in the works for the Mountain View-Whisman School District.

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