Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 9.30.09: Take that, Arnold... love Harry

“Take that, Arnold,” is what Watch Dog assumes San Jose Redevelopment Director Harry Mavrogenes was saying when a Sacramento Superior Court Judge ruled the hand in the cookie jar had to go. At least for last year’s cookie raid. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed didn’t sound hopeful San Jose’s stolen cookies would return “once the state has the money…”

Santa Clara County launched a reverse 911 to let you know about life-threatening emergencies. Kirsten Hofmann with the Office of Emergency Services wants your cell because, like you know, “… land lines are so yesterday.”

We’re not making fun, really. Palo Alto’s new Police Chief Dennis Burns wants to turn his officers into a team of learners. Hopefully they will learn from Burns, not former Police Chief Johnson.

Dig deep, the Sea Scout’s need your extra coin to complete renovations to the Palo Alto Baylands EcoCenter. For more information or to donate to the project, call Environmental Volunteers at 650-961-0545.

Republican Gubernatorial wanna be Meg Whitman finally ‘fessed up as to why she waited until she was 46 (2002) to register to vote after telling Republican conventioneers she’d been registered since 1998. And, why she only voted occasionally after 2002. It was hard.

The Merc’s Patty Fisher asks questions which haunt friends of battered victims. Kathleen Kreneck with Next Door hopes you respond, they’re trying to keep the doors open after the Governor took all funding away from domestic violence programs.

Palo Alto State Senator Joe Simitian is heading to D.C. – no, he hasn’t landed that coveted appointment or a seat in Congress (yet). Simitian is meeting with the feds to talk dollars for education.

What mid-week news round-up would be complete without a few tragedies…
  • (former) Boy Scout leader David Adler is now a convicted sex offender after kiddie porn was found on his computer when he returned from the Philippines and London.
  • (former) Silicon Valley engineer Cecil Cox is heading to prison for running killing 2 women as they crossed Stevens Creek Boulevard. The eagle eyes of a librarian led to Cox’ arrest.
  • 3 teenagers were stabbed following a “likely gang related” melee at Mountain Views Community Center where a birthday party was taking place.
Protect San Jose’s number's geek opens with a dispute of former California Employment Development Director Michael Bernicks opinion that economic recovery follows recession and concludes with San Jose must include the public in budget discussions.

Life is tough when you’re a kid. San Jose Insider/ Santa Clara County Board of Education Trustee Joseph DiSalvo points out it’s even harder for kids in the LGBT community. DiSalvo argues for support and protection of LGBT youth and wonders how far we’ve come after attending the annual BAYMEC fundraiser.

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