Thursday, October 1, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.1.09: Wet Goes to Court...

The other Club Wet shoe dropped when Club owners filed a federal lawsuit asking a Judge to block closure claiming San Jose’s regulations on nightclubs are "completely lacking in constitutionally required procedural safeguards." San Jose Police shrugged saying the Club had at least 49 chances to fix problems during the 5 months when customers were being stabbed or mauled in brawls. We wish Club Wet would let their lobbyists speak. Mr. DeRollo and Mr. Saggau were always so eloquent in Wet's defense.

Santa Clara District Attorney Dolores Carr is back in the news following (preliminary) reports that the DA’s office withheld at least 5 videotapes in child sexual assault cases. In addition to screwing up child predator convictions, Santa Clara County could be on the hook for expensive lawsuits from pissed off, imprisoned predators.

Speaking of DA Office screw ups... Protect San Jose’s Kathleen Flynn put her foot down declaring “enough is enough.” While Flynn never mentioned Vahid Hosseini it’s clear she’s pissed District Attorney Dolores Carr’s (un-ethical) handling of the case and tossing it to the Attorney General’s office gets more air time than the case itself.

Beverly Head was distressed enough about dogs racing (on leash) alongside their owners on trails that she commented to her husband about possible animal cruelty. Two days later, a leashed Siberian Husky tripped her during a walk causing her death. San Jose Parks spokesperson Mona Favorite-Hill said “there was no way to anticipate this.”

ACORN is cutting classes in San Jose following an East Coast conservative sting operation. In San Jose, ACORN is credited with raising the red flag on predatory lending practices in East San Jose where hundreds of homeowners face foreclosure. East Side Supervisor George Shirakawa, Jr., said “we probably should have listened a lot closer.”

(As an aside, Supervisor Shirakawa probably could apply that quote to Bob Nunez's former employers...)

The California High-Speed Rail Authority opened the doors to public comment after handing out the “alternative analysis” on moving people between San Francisco and San Jose. NIMBY neighbors in fancy Peninsula cities and towns will be happy to hear tunnels are under discussion. The Merc’s Editorial Board was also talking HSR, sending a message to the Fed’s in support of $4.5 billion for High-Speed Rail.

Disagreeing with the Merc's Editorial board... San Jose Insider Pete Campbell argues San Jose shouldn’t keep federal stimulus dollars and should instead send the $15 million targeted for street repair to impoverished Mississippi.

Mountain Views NASA/Ames Research Center is the place to land today as “a panel of Silicon Valley heavyweights” talks economic recovery in the South Bay – and using Silicon Valley recovery as a model for California. State Senator Elaine Alquist leads the charge with San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, Carl Guardino from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Santa Clara County Office of Education’s Chuck Weis and a host of “heavyweights.” Begging the question, the South Bay has recovered?

Los Altos retirement home Pilgrim Haven missed the added joys of a lawsuit when the North Los Altos Concerned Neighbors dropped plans “…to pursue litigation…”

Los Altos City Councilmembers approved a Retiree Health Savings Plan for Police Officers. Los Altos acts as trustee but is not financially responsible for investments and the “plan will incur no cost to the city” according to city human resources manager Patrick Alvarez.

Swine Flu stays in the news… Santa Clara County has declared a swine-ish emergency to open community vaccination clinics.

The Merc’s Scott Herhold wants to know why Santa Clara County Tax Assessor Larry Stone is “so weird,” according to Stone he simply has a love for campaigning and the democratic process. Stone’s deputy, David Ginsborg was in the midst of collecting endorsements when Stone announced the desire to kick off his 70th birthday with a new term in office. Ginsborg dropped his plans.

Looking to get a little college experience without the pain of homework or tests? This is your chance, according to the Merc’s Sal Pizarro. San Jose State University kicks off Classes Without Quizzes.

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