Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 9.7.09: A Political Carr Crash…

The dish according to the Merc’s Internal Affairs

The Merc’s Scott Herhold dishes another Dolores Carr story. Hoping no one would notice, the District Attorney’s office released the news late Friday afternoon that she was tossing the murder of Vahid Hosseini into the lap of Attorney General Jerry Brown. This after Hosseini’s widow uncovered a big no-no, (husband) Carr created a major conflict of interest in this potential death penalty case...

These folks had to enjoy the long weekend filled with (crashing) Carr news

Disastrous Economy + 8 Years Red Ink = San Jose City Council Oversight?

Not an A’s fan, U of Maryland economics professor Dennis Coates said the “novelty effect” of a new baseball stadium wouldn’t last. San Jose’s chief development officer, Paul Krutko, countered saying city costs would be so low it wouldn’t be San Jose’s problem.

Gavilan College is pissed. A little annexation, paving a golf course and dorms caused Gilroy planners to declare Gavilan a developer – not a governmental agency. This is a problem because developers have to fork over extra bucks for city services. Expect a redux next year…

In 2005 San Jose’s Ambassador’s Lounge was the site of a shooting spree that landed co-owner E-40 in hot water. Over the weekend a young man was shot in the garage while upstairs in the convention center E-40’s latest gig was in full swing. Police Sgt. Ronnie Lopez says SJPD is investigating “whether or not this was related to the show.”

Meanwhile, no one was shot at San Jose’s Tapestry Arts Festival.

The Merc’s Editorial Board takes a peek at the new lives of former Agnews Developmental Center residents. Verdict: the developmentally disabled can live in neighborhoods more cheaply and receive top care. The editors cheer on private investment in green tech as Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla builds a $1 Billion clean/green tech fund.

Silicon Valley Reads takes on a controversial read with Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto.” Health Trust CEO Fred Ferrer helps and won’t be grabbing a double-double, extra fries on the way to the January kickoff. The Merc’s Sal Pizarro also dishes there’s wine and jewelry from State Senator Elaine Alquist and Assemblymember Jim Beall at Korks for Kids.

It’s a short week for government watch dogs
  • Santa Clara County’s Finance and Government Operations Committee does a double take on the county’s vehicle fleet following a critical audit.
  • The Santa Clara County Juvenile Justice Systems Collaborative Case Systems and Processes Work Group (mouthful much?) tries to move kids from jail to court faster.
  • Those fun loving Elections Commissioners in San Jose noodle over ditching anonymous complaints. (Whistleblowers watch out)
  • San Jose’s City Council talks parks and recreation.

Mission City Lantern’s James Rowen is sharing a cuppa with Santa Clara Councilmember Jamie McLeod. Legislators for (and against) State Senator Elaine Alquist’s 49er/SB43 are called out. Party poopers Tom Ammiano and Fiona Ma said no.

San Jose Insider Eric Johnson tried to kick off Rants and Raves over the long weekend, as of Monday there were no takers. Ouch. Insider/San Jose Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio spanks General Plan colleagues and invites you to “the scariest film” at Sundance. No, not this

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