Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 9.4.09: For your holiday weekend pleasure...

Depending on who you believe the A’s finding their way to San Jose could be a (financial) field of dreams or field of schemes. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is showing his dreamy side hollering “Play Ball!” San Jose Inside reiterates

Congressmember Anna Eshoo welcomed both sides of the healthcare debate declaring she understood the passions constituents felt. Eshoo shared there are three elements of the legislation she helped write and none were about destroying the system.

Mountain View’s (retired diplomat) David Straub keeps hanging with the cool kids. Straub was part of President Bill Clinton’s dramatic rescue of journalists held captive in North Korea.

John Masakazu Tashiro, a purchasing specialist for Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, had a really sweet gig – until someone figured out those 81,000 index dividers were like the Emperor’s new clothes. A million bucks later, Tashiro finds himself on the wrong side of pissed off, high powered attorneys.

State Senator Elaine Alquist is doing the happy dance. In the midst of the financial crisis while State legislators are snarling their way through each day – the 49er bill made it to the top of the pile and got its positive Assembly vote.

Campbell is a cool place to hang and the mother-daughter team of Lorraine Laden and Crystal Mangiameli are hoping to keep the doors open on Pleasures of the Heart for years to come. Even Mayor Jane Kennedy wants to keep them saying “I don’t see where they’re a problem… I don’t want to see them go away.” Don’t tell (carpetbagger)/Congressional wannabe/porn king Larry Pegram, pleasure makes him blush.

Speaking of libraries… The economic crisis has people flocking to Santa Clara County libraries to use the internet. So many that library internet surfing is more like playing in the kiddie pool than hitting Mavericks. Help is on the way, librarians’ hope, with tech tweaking courtesy of the Joint Powers Authority.

Maybe Google can lend a hand to the librarians dilemma as part of the WiFi upgrades they have up their sleeves for Mountain View. Improved surfing for the 19,000 users is on the mind of Google tech Karl Garcia.

Two more murderous souls were busted for the death last month of Kristina Harris Perkins at San Jose’s Alum Rock Lightrail station. Behind bars are Eddie Manuel Rivera and Gregory Alan Lopez, investigators still won’t dish details on why Perkins was attacked.

San Jose’s San Tomas Convalescent Hospital is big trouble. The State Department of Health slapped them with a “AA” citation for the death of Hannah Lesser after a tv and dresser fell on top of her.

It’s Open Forum Friday at Protect San Jose. Send your juiciest tips and Labor Day tricks on over…

Mission City Lantern (doesn’t) talk about Bill Gissler because he’s “irrelevant” and “could have been great, except he was not very good.”

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