Friday, September 11, 2009

A (YouTube) brawl at Club Wet... who could have predicted it?

Guess what? Club Wet is in the news again. This time with a YouTube video of a 4 minute brawl and (another) seemingly weak crackdown by the Police Department.

Here is the key line from our blog-friends at San Jose Inside about the "punishment" the Club received:
Wet was served late Friday. Club officials say the timing gave them no opportunity to challenge the action in court. The club will be open and be able to serve alcohol and play music, just won’t have live entertainment.
Here is the video. A Watch Dog warning, you'll be pretty disturbed by the video.

Where to even begin with this story...

The History: It is important to remember the history of Club Wet... There have been multiple stabbings there over the past six months. As a result, they got slapped with a penalty (?) in July whereby they had cut their capacity by 15 people (that's not a typo) and close 15 minutes early (also not a typo). Based on the video, we don't think those cautionary measures worked.

The Lobbyist/Apologist: Let's remember what Wet's lobbyist said the last time (but certainly not the first time) there was a stabbing at Club Wet:
"...It was one individual bad apple that spoiled the barrel..." and
"...We don't think this was preventable...
From the video is looks like it may have been a barrel-full of bad apples and not all of those bad apples were necessarily patrons... Was this brawl preventable Mr. DeRollo?

The Incredibly Weak Punishment/Accountability: It is amazing enough that Club Wet is allowed to stay open after all this history and the newest brawl. Not only that, but Club Wet is sill being allowed to sell alcohol and play music. Where is the accountability to the owners, promoters, and security in Club Wet? How long before someone is killed at Club Wet?

The Most Shameless: "...Club officials say the timing gave them no opportunity to challenge the action in court..." Really? Club officials want to challenge the City's action in court? Really? Instead of taking the City to court, they should kiss Chief Davis on the lips for the kid gloves with which they are being treated...

We are absolutely positive that this story is not over. If history is any guide, Club Wet will continue to operate, relatively free from punishment, until someone dies in the Club. It is sad, but seemingly true.

Obviously the Club has influence at City Hall and that seems to be the only thing that matters these days. In the meantime, stay safe club-goers...

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Anonymous said...

Late breaking news Friday. San Jose police pulled the entertainment permit. Buried in the stories is information that Wet waters down drinks and substitutes cheap booze for expensive brands.

Sounds like a real nice place.