Monday, December 14, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 12.14.09: Reed Reforms Raise Ruckus...

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is either trying to “plug loopholes” or really piss off the South Bay Labor Council with proposed changes to San Jose’s ethics rules. Caught in the headlights (it would appear) are Councilmember Nora Campos’ husband (a registered lobbyist) and employees of the non-profit Working Partnerships. Reed shrugged saying “I’m not targeting political adversaries"... they just happen to be in the way… Where have we seen ethics rules used to target political adversaries? Hmmm...

But Mayor Reed isn't letting that controversy get in the way of work: Reed and Councilmembers Sam Liccardo and Madison Nguyen teamed up to help homeowners getting behind on the mortgage.

Between the $19 million gubernatorial wannabe Meg Whitman dumped into her campaign and the season of gifting, billionaire/GOP gubernatorial wannabe Steve Poizner may have been feeling a little left out. Before the end of the year Poizner aims to add $15 million of his own money to his "anemic" campaign. The battle of the billionaires is showing a different side of fiscal responsibility.

Sometimes, Watch Dog receives tips from far-flung places... like this: Tech blogger Danny Sullivan wonders how he landed on San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant's email list and sends the message “Stop Emailing Me…”. Sullivan goes on to giggle at Constant's email typos and his inability to clean up the "unsubscribe" list. But don't worry, Pete Constant posted his own comment on to apologize...

Speaking of the Governor's race... (Apparently) Some of gubernatorial wannabe Steve Poizner’s cash is being used to pay bloggers dissing his opponent, Meg Whitman. Recently outed/ "anonymous" Sgt. York is looking for a new gig after being ditched for taking Poizner pennies. Perhaps Pete Constant should hand out some cash to bloggers and they won't bash his emails...

Controversy continues in the office of District Attorney Dolores Carr. Seems political friends/ staffers received promotions. Carr’s right-hand/ endorser Marc Bueller scoffed saying no one supporting Carr’s opponent, Jeff Rosen, had been demoted... that's one way of looking at it.

Los Altos’ Cira Nickerson is spending her money to provide bicycles to children in foster care.

The Merc’s Patty Fisher shares the love about start-ups with a heart. goodjoe puts artists and non-profits together for a little fundraising love and Silicon Valley Novel keeps the author a secret while raising a few bucks to give away.

The last hurrah of 2009 for government watch dogs -- thanks to the Merc.
  • The Fremont Union High School District hears what went wrong with their November parcel tax along with budget woes.
  • The Monte Sereno City Council inducts new/rotating Mayor Don Perry.
  • The Mountain View-Los Altos High School District listens to the public and talks salaries.
  • Parcel taxes are on the minds of the Palo Alto Unified School District Trustees as they consider an April ballot measure.
  • San Jose’s Envision 2040 Task Force looks at transportation.
  • Ethics and basketball are on tap for San Jose’s City Council.
  • San Jose’s Department of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement has baseball on the mind and hopes you’ll be there for a “scoping” meeting.
  • The 49ers are on tap in the Santa Clara City Hall as City Council considers a June ballot measure and costs for a special election – in light of news of a community driven ballot effort.
  • The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors hears from the public on the purchase of the former San Jose Hospital.
  • Trustees for the Santa Clara County Office of Education consider a memorandum of understanding to snag federal Race to the Top money.
Catching up with mild-mannered Protect San Jose
  • Blogger/mediator Kathleen Flynn calls on the pot to stop calling the kettle black and work together. Flynn questions reasons behind not listing “hate crimes… against our officers” not receiving the same respect as hate crimes against “LGBT people, religious groups and minorities.” Flynn points to a New York Post article blaming rap music, President Obama, Al Sharpton and others for officer deaths.
  • Former San Jose Police Chief/Protect San Jose blogger Joseph McNamara argues San Jose’s City Council is endangering the public and police with “politically correct votes” while pointing to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for the deaths of 4 Tacoma, Washington police officers. It seems McNamara is receiving his talking points from Glenn Beck...

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