Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 12.22.09: Shaken, not stirred...

Jed York pissed off a few folks when he said he’d rather go to Oakland than Hunters Point – if the 49ers don’t land in Santa Clara. Former 49ers president/Lennar-Hunters Point consultant Carmen Policy said he was “speechless” after reading San Francisco’s Matier and Ross.

Don’t hold your breath for that property tax break anytime soon. Santa Clara County Tax Assessor Larry Stone says between staff cutbacks and the mountain of appeals, well think molasses…

Good news for outdoor fans. San Jose’s Mount Umunhum is getting some help from the Feds. Congressmember Mike Honda wrangled the Fed “earmark” and is hopeful trails will open in 2 years.

Racist computers? HP doesn’t think so but is taking the accusation seriously according to spokesperson Mark Budgell who wasn’t laughing when he saw the laughter filled video.

Autism aides for the Mountain View – Whisman School District will enter the new year with fewer benefits and hours after negotiations this month.

Mountain View police busted a 14-year-old boy for an “angry” toss during a football game. No dish on details, yet.

Tis’ the season for those pesky DUI checkpoints. Palo Alto police busted 16 drivers for not reading the paper before enjoying the holiday nog.

After your nog you might need a taxi instead of the bus… The creaky economy is taking a toll on bus lines. VTA officials announced plans to decrease service to help close a $70 million gap.

Mission City Lantern sends props to the 49ers for belief in a “true and ethical democracy” and calls out holiday heros. If you didn’t get props you may have received a dirty turnip. Is that like a dirty martini?

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