Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 12.29.09: Still time for your 2009 scandal...

The San Jose Conservation Corps also exits 2009 with an embarrassing story. Seems a city audit uncovered overcharges of nearly a half million. San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle said it was due to “a lack of financial management” and “decentralizing” city departments would “get better results.”

San Jose police are investigating the brutal murder of Alviso’s Norma Leticia Martinez. While police don’t believe this is a hate crime, shopkeeper Jose Lujan said of the beating “that’s a lot of hate. Nobody deserves that.”

When San Jose High’s Matt Blea returned home from the hospital, the Merc’s Scott Herhold took pen to paper to call for reforms. Herhold calls on the California Interscholastic Federation to step in with “tough new protocols” preventing kids from getting back into the game after serious injury.

Also closing 2009 with reflections, the Merc’s Joe Rodriguez puts a gentle touch on some of the year’s traumas. With reflections from 90-year-old Quaker Ian Thiermann who went back to work after Bernie Madoff stole his life savings, muralist Frank Torres who suffered a gang beating for his art and Khmer Rouge survivor Sophany Bay whose interviews with other victims are used in court proceedings a world away, Rodriguez puts a hopeful close on 2009.

The Merc’s Editorial Board is pissed the wealthy in Silicon Valley aren’t stepping up to feed the hungry. Second Harvest Food Bank has seen donations drop 20% and demand rise nearly 40%. So, step it up, people.

Busted. Some good news for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s REACT Task Force. Pascal Chaubard won’t be using Craigslist to scam discount seeking travelers for a while.

And just when you thought 2009 could end without another scandal… Seems nepotism remains alive and well in San Jose. Tech Museum President, Peter Friess, and the board. Hired Friess’ wife to “spruce up” the Tech’s image for a nice $400,000.

Protect San Jose has uncovered a “disturbing trend” from the Mercury News, reporters are digging around in court records. Incoming Police Officers’ Association President George Beattie suggests blog responses might not be worth his time.

Mission City Lantern uncovers a new spin for the anti-49ers team. Environmental racism.

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