Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 12.30.09: The busted edition…

The Governator continues to make his mark on the judicial scene in Santa Clara County. Schwarzenegger adds 6 new Superior Court judges bringing his appointments to nearly 2 dozen. Welcome to the bench Julia Emede, Maureen Folan, Ronald Toff, Daniel Nishigaya, Jesus Valencia Jr., and Theodore Zayner.

Misdemeanor + Broke = Guilty?

San Jose police were watching this week as the U.S. Court of Appeals restricted the use of Tasers. City Attorney Rick Doyle shrugged saying San Jose police already used Tasers only as a “reasonable” level of force under “some immediate threat.” The attorney for San Jose State student Phoung Ho disagreed.

Count on seeing more of the San Jose Conservation Corps, at least $160,000 more.

The Merc’s Editorial Board looked past the uproar over Alum Rocks closing of Pala Middle School to see new schools and opportunities. Editors send props to Superintendent Jose Manzo for accepting the charter school competition.

Life is filled with opportunity. For example, Gary “Mr. Roadshow” Richards knows before you got your first DUI you (probably) offered the police 87 other opportunities.

Busted. Frances Stewart is behind bars accused of stealing $100,000 from the Silicon Valley Community foundation flexible spending accounts. Translation, Stewart skimmed employee health care money.

San Jose police are looking for Jennifer Bautista as a “person of interest” in the brutal death of Alviso’s Norma Leticia Martinez. If you have information, call the San Jose police at (408)277-5283.

Protect San Jose gives themselves year-end props and wants to hear from you before making improvements. Reader suggestions to the Police Officer Association bloggers include a more active politicking along with advertising in the local paper.

San Jose Insider Danny Wool jumps into the Tech Museum fracas with a rehash of the Merc story.

Brian Darby gets a little (un)love from Mission City Lantern.

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