Monday, December 7, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 12.7.09: A White Monday!

Mayor Patricia Mahan is confident colleagues on the Santa Clara City Council will “make it to the next big thing” by approving the 49er's Environmental Impact Report this week and move toward a June 2010 election. Planning Commission Chair Teresa O’Neill says there shouldn’t be a problem with the EIR, it’s only one of “five pieces (that) are missing.” The City of Santa Clara seems pretty good at closing the deal... not so much for the team.

The Merc’s Editorial Board points to foul-ups in an agreement with local Teamsters that left San Jose conventioneers dealing with Teamsters in San Jose and San Francisco. San Jose’s chief development officer, Paul Krutko, hopes the City Council will ask Team San Jose to “reconsider” the agreement and do better marketing to address negative publicity. San Jose Inside (via the Business Journal) reports the Mayor is ready to ditch convention expansion plans altogether...

The High-Speed Rail won’t be heading underground in San Jose, according to Rod Diridon. Willow Glen activist Jean Dresden wants to know why it’s so difficult, pointing out “BART is already underground.” Maybe San Jose should have joined NIMBY’s to the North in that pesky lawsuit.

An attorney representing one of the San Jose Police Officers involved in the Taser-happy arrest of San Jose State student Phuong Ho took time to share an opinion on Protect San Jose. Terry Bowman suggests Silicon Valley residents need to learn to “listen like kindergartners” to avoid being Tasered. Bowman says officers are ok being disliked but being ignored is another matter… Can you imagine the PR campaign from the Police Department letting folks know that they should listen to Police Officers like we are all kindergartners? That's not patronizing at all...

The Merc reports Campbell Mayor Evan Low isn’t Campbell’s youngest Mayor ever (Rusty Hammer holds that distinction), but he is the youngest Asian-American and youngest gay mayor, ever. Low laughs off critics worried he plans to “push the gay” agenda pointing out there isn’t “a gay pothole or a straight street sign.” Watch Dog still maintains that he is Silicon Valley's coolest mayor too...

Gilroy is mourning the loss of 15 year old Sarah Botill following her apparent death from alcohol poisoning. Botill and friends (apparently) smuggled vodka to drink at the home of (former) Gilroy Councilmember/ Supervisor Don Gage’s policy aide Roland Velasco. Gilroy has rules that try to prevent underage drinking with penalties for hosts and parents – Velasco championed those rules addressing loud parties. (Apparently) The rules don’t apply because this was not a loud party, just one where a kid died.

Things are heating up in Mountain View. Hundreds of people showed up to vote in the neighborhood association election of officers. Write-in candidates opposing redevelopment of Minton’s Hardware took 3 seats kicking off what should be an interesting/ongoing NIMBY debate.

The Merc’s Internal Affairs was funny this weekend...
  • Santa Clara District Attorney Dolores Carr’s hubby hired Carr contributor/ buddy James McManis to represent him when the bank came calling with “sticky” questions over what pillow talk revealed about the Hosseini murder. Neither the Carrs nor McManis would dish to IA… shocker.
  • (Former) East Side Union High School Superintendent Bob Nunez got a little love from teachers following his ouster. They also gave him an ironic gift of a coffee card...
  • We learn that campaign managers for GOP gubernatorial wannabes Poizner/ Whitman stuff envelopes.
A hiker in Milpitas made a grisly discovery, a body in an abandoned vehicle.

Yes, it is likely you’ll see the white stuff, (real) snow that is, on the mountains to the East and West this morning.

Local government watchers will have to rack up the miles hopping between meetings this week. Thanks to the Merc for agenda-watching
  • San Jose’s City Council meets to consider use of force problems (?) and look at customer satisfaction measureables
  • San Jose’s Elections Commission is all about the money when they look at adjusting the voluntary spending cap and pay-to-play restrictions.
  • Among school districts… taxes are on the minds of Los Altos School District... Fremont Union High School District (even though they just lost a parcel tax election)... The Palo Alto Unified School District looks at April 6th for their parcel tax... and the Milpitas Unified School District also wants a parcel tax next year...
  • Just to be different, Los Gatos Union School District hears what the public had to say about a possible bond measure.
  • Not talking about taxes…The Santa Clara County Office of Education Board meets to consider a review of alternative education programs and improvements... The San Jose Unified School District elects new officers and certifies an interim budget report... District demographics are on tap for the Cupertino Union School District... The East Side Union High School District considers the paperwork to bring Don Moser on as interim Superintendent (without coffee privileges) and creation of a district election system for trustees... Alum Rock School District considers school closures... Officer elections are on tap at the Mountain View-Whisman School District... Santa Clara Unified School District considers flexibility on class-size reduction following the loss of their parcel tax... Enrollment is on the minds of Campbell Union School District Trustees as they consider school-site capacity.
This is fun: Congresswoman Eshoo opposes the Afghan troop surge. But don't worry, she is working on other important issues in DC -- like making sure your TV isn't too loud during the Snuggie commercials. Seriously.

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Six of One said...

I read the same article by Terry Bowman on Protect San Jose, and I didn't get the same impression. She's talking about respect for authority, which is something we learn when we're young but tend to forget in our old age.