Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 12.8.09: A frosty Round-Up...

San Jose’s new affordable housing policy could get some tweaking before it even takes effect in 2013. City Planning staff will suggest ditching the rental property portion of the new rules, unless the state Supreme Court has something to say

’s City Council looked at loosening regulations for gambling and adult businesses. No word if medical marijuana joints would benefit from the (apparently) liberalization of Gilroy.

Gilroy Police Chief Denise Turner is asking the City Council for doggie laws with “more teeth,” in an attempt to prevent dog maulings. Doggie laws... more teeth...

The sorry tale of Palo Alto’s JJ&F grocery is over, for now. In a(nother) contentious meeting, Palo Alto’s City Council said “yes” to rebuilding the grocery along with offices and housing. Hoping to prevent a bait-and-switch, Councilmembers tied the land to food, forever. The party-pooper in this shopping parade was Assemblymember wannabe/ Councilmember YorikoKishimoto .

A new tax (might be) on the horizon for the cash-strapped Morgan Hill? A gathering of the City Council minds seems to say yes. Apparently frustrated by discussions over pennies under discussion, Councilmember Larry Carr said “City Connections, meetings – those are all distractions…” (apparently) hoping to move talk to high dollar salaries…

Stevens Creek Trail assault perp John Detches was busted over the weekend. Mountain View Police spokesperson, Liz Wylie, reports Police “pretty much stumbled upon him…”

Perhaps hoping for a Psycho Donuts redux… Antonio’s Nut House patron Afshin Fouladpour got ripped and waved a gun around after being booted from the bar multiple times.

Gubernatorial wannabe/(former) eBay CEO Meg Whitman took the stand in a federal case saying eBay wanted “all of Craigslist” but they didn’t do anything naughty with information they had from owning a huge chunk... No word if the Poizner people were in the courtroom taking notes...

Protect San Jose blogger/(former) San Jose Council Chief/ (former/losing) Council candidate Chris Hemingway suggests community activists looking within (and taking the San Jose Police Department’s Citizens’ Academy) will allow citizens to “…address issues like the language barriers between Police and non-English-speaking immigrants, immigrant prejudice against police derived from their native country, an increase in drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, and gang-related crime, and the bad attitudes of youths when dealing with authority.”

Mission City Lantern is thoughtfully sending a little Cheez Whiz to friends at Santa Clara Plays Fair, and props to Watch Dog (again) for nominating Campbell Mayor Evan Low the coolest Mayor.

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Kathleen said...

Thanks for the mention of Christian's article, I think. I agree with him. I want to see these activists contribute something positive to help resolve the problem myself. Blaming the Police for loons like Ho who pull knives on people and threaten their life just doesn't cut it. We all need to work together to make our City a much better place for our youth, and our citizens. So when are these supposed leaders going to do something to help instead of hinder?

One loud mouth activists does nothing more than incite people, protest City Hall, and write article after article complaining about Task Forces, the CLPE's findings, the IPA's Office. When he gets off his ass and finally does something other than finger pointing may be things will change in the ways he wants them to.