Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More shake-ups at the senior level merry-go-round known as Tesla Motors...

Watch Dog reported recently on stories that all was not as it seemed at the green-tech poster-child Tesla. Well, another senior level shake up was announced today.

Michael van der Sande was named Tesla's new Senior VP of Global Sales, Marketing and Service. He is from Harley Davidson previously.

While this is the story as written in the press release...between the lines, the story is a bit more interesting.

Tesla is saying that
Darryl Siry, whom van der Sande is replacing, left to "pursue other opportunities"...

Darryl Siry said, via his blog, that he is leaving
"due to some disagreements in strategy."

This isn't good for San Carlos -- where Tesla is now, or San Jose -- where they want to be...

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