Friday, April 17, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 4.17.09: "I hate taxes...but love my government paychecks..."

In addition to former Councilmember/Right-Winger Larry Pegram, San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant keeps mighty strange (and disturbing) company. Constant showed up a Fox News-inspired rally against socialism, the disabled retiree who collects not one but two government checks railed against taxes. Sorry, Petey, no taxes means no double dipping for you. Here's Constant's quote from the Tea (bagging?) Party:
“We’re being taxed to death, and something has to be done to stop this blizzard of taxes. I understand that federal state and local governments are trying to survive but no one’s looking at the cumulative effect on us.”
Perhaps he should return the Council raise he begged for...that would probably cut down on the need for more taxes...

On a (sort of) related note, Inside's Pete Campbell takes a shot at the biggest target around...former Mayor Ron Gonzales...

San Jose Revealed wasn’t impressed by the Merc’s Editorial or Scott Herhold's support for San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis and philosophizes Mayor Reed will use the Bush strategy of praying for improvement. In the Quick Notes, Revealed also picks at the Independent Police Auditor and gambling scabs San Jose hopes will heal.

The coolest thing on Earth,” is how San Jose Public Art Director Barbara Goldstein refers to the “Space Observer” coming to the Mineta International Airport. Sadly, Goldstein also promises the R2D2 cousin won’t be carrying anyone's bags...

Palo Alto is looking for a Police Chief who can address “complaints of racial profiling.” You remember last year's Palo Alto Police Chief drama (like San Jose’s Police Chief drama). If you’re up to the gig, and the intense public scrutiny, PA's City Manager Jim Keene wants to talk. Former North County Supervising District Attorney/former Palo Alto resident Jay Boyarsky said it’s a good thing to be upfront about problems facing the new Chief.

Republican gubernatorial wannabe/former eBay CEO/Atherton billionaire Meg Whitman complained about “gridlock in Sacramento.” Watch Dog doubts she means Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado, but is she pointing fingers at other Republicans?

Accused cop killer DeShawn Campbell is no match for Prosecutor Lane Liroff. Campbell got confused and admitted a mistake on the stand. Defense attorney Stuart Kirchik blames Campbell’s retardation for his testimonial mistakes.

The con men weren’t as smooth (nor as hot) as Paul Newman and Robert Redford, but they did manage to run a con on a Palo Alto resident. Palo Alto, if you’re hanging out on University Ave. when you get a great deal on a diamond

They don’t have anyone to sue (yet) but that didn’t stop Verizon from filing a lawsuit against the sabotage driven cable clipper. If you turn in John (or Jane) Doe, there’s a quarter mill waiting for you

Los Gatos non-profits have been asked to lower their expectations, and their demands for money, as the economic crisis hits the local economy. Police Chief Scott Seaman got the go-ahead to charge businesses to register their burglar alarms, the Chief hopes to offset the cost of responding to false alarms.

Speaking of Los Gatos burglars…

Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police arrested two San Joseans on suspicion of stealing from Los Gatos homes under construction. Police Sgt. Randy Rimple says the empty-house burglaries are on the rise. Either it’s really a good market for tools or construction workers are stealing from each other.

The Saratoga Planning Commission had a rare sight, opposing parties that are now happy. Brent Fairbanks and Christy Rohrig originally planned for a Craftsman McMansion to the dismay of neighbors. By the time they all landed in front of the Planning Commission the McMansion met with neighbors delight. Commissioner Mary-Lynne Bernald didn’t say “it was a miracle,” but close. Two new Commissioners, David Reis and Douglas Robertson, took their seats just in time to see the miracle.

Morgan Hill School District administrators worry that while they’ve struggled to keep cuts away from the classroom, the latest round might get to students.

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