Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.15.09: What's $15 million between friends running for Governor?

Ready for business in 2014 and going for the greenFrom native plants on the roof to recycled water in the pipes, the 49er's proposed Santa Clara stadium would be the “greenest” NFL stadium ever. The York family is also shooting for a stadium able to host the Super Bowl or World Cup. (Of course, the stadium still needs voter-approval next year.)

Silicon Valley gubernatorial wannabe Meg Whitman plunked $15 million of her (anticipated) $150 million campaign loan. Her opponents didn’t seem to care much about the Whitman throw down. Whitman’s Silicon Valley neighbor Steve Poizner coughed up $4 million of his mega-bucks for the race (not to mention the money he put into previous races...)

The Merc’s Editorial Board offers props to the team assigned the unenviable task of making San Jose’s Mexican Heritage Plaza live up to its promise.

Now joining (formerly) homeless Victor Frost (address: Telephone Pole No. 1139) in Palo Alto’s wide open council race will be past (failed) candidates Dan Dykwel and Tim Gray. This all on the heals of the current Mayor deciding not to run for reelection.

School District races in Los Altos, Palo Alto, and Foothill-DeAnza Community College so far turning out to be the most boring with only incumbents picking up papers. The chance for excitement lasts until August 7 when the filing period closes.

California IOU’s have started landing and the Merc’s Scott Herhold has one he’s shopping around. Herhold actively sought out the IOU offering 110% of face value, now just trying to unload it for the story

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro shares an idea from Joe Boyer on keeping people in downtown San Jose: cheap parking. (Watch Dog can only assume that Joe has never parked in another downtown, if he thinks San Jose parking is expensive.) Pizarro also lends a hand to fundraising efforts for Christmas in July and KKUP – People’s Radio - which needs your help to relocate.

Los Gatos firefighters rescued Phoebe the Cat from a tree limb after nearly a week following failed attempts with a basket, tree service, police, animal control, a “creature catcher” and PG&E.

And, in Saratoga news… The Planning Commission narrowly averted disaster by approving plans for a (giant) new home complete with pool. Commissioner Manny Cappello was emphatic in over-riding city guidelines saying “...a home like this should have a pool in Saratoga...” Obviously...

The San Jose Police Officers Association blog, Protect San Jose, gives space to the 18th Floor's favorite Chief of Staff/ City Council Candidate Jim Cogan. Cogan is promoting National Night Out.

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