Monday, July 6, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 7.6.09:

District Attorney Dolores Carr was not happy to hear Superior Court commissioner Gregory Saldivar would not take the stand in the mysterious case of the (fraudulent) tow operator. The DA’s office is pinning hopes on seeing Saldivar on the stand if/when the tow operating family finds itself in court.

San Francisco blogger Joe Eskenazi, aka “The Snitch,” follows up on the growing interest in San Jose Assemblymember Joe Coto’s bill for Da Mayor. Eskenazi wonders if media attention gave legislators the chutzpah to challenge Coto in the Senate.

The Merc’s Editorial Board takes a jab at San Jose’s planning department for proposing hotels in North San Jose while celebrating a proposed influx of big box retail – think Target on steroids.

Willow Glenites are forming their own latte toting vigilante group in response to a rash of (wannabe) ganglike graffiti on cars.

Clocking in as the Nation’s oldest 4th of July parade the Morgan Hill stream of red, white and blue saw more than 45,000 bystanders. The Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation center shared the road with the National Rifle Association while Water District Director/Supervisorial wannabe Rosemary Kamei became Rosie the Riveter.

Mercury News columnists were on a roll…

Mission City Lantern sends props Watch Dog’s way, figures the Mercury News staff must be depressed (bored), and offers a prize for sniffing out San Jose Revealed now in the 4th week of a grueling bout of "pneumonia."

And, finally, in the post celebratory round-up… San Jose Inside’s Rants & Raves began on a high note “Happy Birthday, USA!” before quickly deteriorating into accusations of Grinchy fireworks thievery before concluding Silicon Valley lawmakers must not be working because SteveO didn’t see them.

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