Monday, November 16, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 11.16.09: Untrusted Trustees...

East Side Union High School District has a “line of troubles” and a “string of scandals” according to the Merc’s Editorial Board. They call on Trustees to do a national search for a “charismatic, ethical, reform-minded” Superintendent to replace their most recently disgraced leader. There’s also a hint of what incumbent Trustees 2010 election could look like with this Editorial pointing to the Board's own scandals. (Don't say we didn't warn everyone...)

Back in the news… Are kids committing adult crimes old enough to serve adult sentences? Santa Clara District Attorney Dolores Carr is staying out of the public eye while the Supreme Court weighs in on a case that could affect her chances to send teenagers to jail forever in the Halloween attack on children.

San Jose Police busted two teens, 15 and 16, for the murder of Santa Teresa High sophomore Michael Russell. While the names of the kids are kept under wraps, students and parents figured it out and scoured their MySpace pages looking for clues to the senseless attack.

The Merc’s Scott Herhold shines a light on pressing reader questions over the return of medical services to downtown San Jose. Herhold’s guess as to the biggest risk “a suburban-style clinic with parking and fence” could do in chances for “an intelligent urban mix of homes and shops,” with a medical clinic.

Patience is a virtue and it pays well. Cargill Salt dickered with the IRS for 6 years over how big a tax break they should receive for sale of the salt flats. Pesky environmentalists aside, Cargill walks away with a cool $100 million tax break.

The Merc’s Internal Affairs reports District Attorney Dolores Carr couldn’t help getting chummy with pal/ contributor/ attorney Jim McManis. In spite of the recent hot water Carr got in over her relationship with McManis, Carr was sharing cocktails with chum him. We wonder which one of McManis' clients are going to get a deal this week...

IA also notes the 2010 races are heating up as Gilroy Councilmember Peter Arellano jumps into the crowded pool of contenders for Supervisor Don Gage’s (termed out) seat.

IA has the hots for opposing San Jose City Council aspirants, Don Rocha and Jim Cogan. IA calls this a “swoon-inducing contest.” Watch Dog has to wonder how folks would respond to such language if the two candidates were women...

The final Environmental Impact Report for the (proposed) 49ers Santa Clara stadium popped up late Friday afternoon, just in time for a little light weekend reading. According to Assistant City Manager Ronald Garratt, traffic and parking were – of course – the big issues. Garrett suggests you need an actual game day to see if the planning worked.

San Jose Unified School Districts chief nurse Melinda Landau is heading to downtown San Jose with a basket of swine flu shots for kids. San Jose Unified is the only District shooting for mass inoculation. According to District Superintendent Don Igelesia’s District-wide inoculation is Landau’s “mission.

Los Gatos molester Del Colegrove is heading to jail – until 2063. Busted for molesting a 16 year old, Colegrove was also accused of molesting the girl’s older sister 20 years ago.

Editors at the Mountain View Voice wonder if their City Council considered the conflicting message sent when they ok'ed a freeway accessible shopping mall at the same time setting aggressive goals for greenhouse gas reductions. The Voice suggests a shopping mall might be a better idea downtown with a park and housing on their new found land next to the Stevens Creek Trail.

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