Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tesla Chronicles: Is there another electric car company that needs space? San Jose will cut you a great deal...

Watch Dog called this some time ago. (November 19th to be exact ,with a post titled: "Absolutely certain" Tesla won't go out of business...)

And the saga with Tesla continues today...and gets more serious. But first a review of where we've been:
  • When San Jose Mayor announced in September that the new Tesla manufacturing plant for their sedan would be in San Jose, everyone cheered. Since then a flurry of bad stories have surfaced and been covered here on Watch Dog.
  • Almost immediately after the announcement, there was a second announcement (from Tesla) to say the SJ plant wouldn't open until 2011 at the earliest, pushed from the original 2010 date.
  • Then there were a slew of shake-ups at the top of Tesla mixed in with some drama. That's when Watch Dog asked if the San Jose's leaders were nervous. ( Tesla Chronicles: Harry/Paul/Chuck are you guys nervous yet?)
Then, this week auto insiders learned that Tesla pulled their car that is supposed to be built in San Jose from of 2009 Detroit big deal right, it is only going to be, "the biggest and best auto show next year."

And for Tesla (or the City of San Jose for that matter), that wasn't even the worst news of the week...You see, Tesla has been hoping/praying/begging for money ($450 million to be exact) from the (possible) bail-out for the Big Three pending in DC. But that doesn't look promising with Republicans in Washington putting up a huge stink about the bailout anyway.

So, as Watch Dog asked previously -- are we nervous that this company that is the centerpiece of the green tech revolution in Silicon Valley going to go out of business before they are really in business?

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