Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 8.12.09: Ditch Twitter and cell-phones...

It's National Vinyl Record day...

San Jose’s City Council seems to have wrapped up the 2006 election, at least the finances part. In spite of dire warnings from their beloved City Attorney Rick Doyle and Mayor Chuck Reed who said “…we’ll be giving a gift to lawyers… and we’ll lose,” the Council retains its “soft money” cap…

Foothill-De Anza Trustee/Incumbents Pearl Cheng and Bruce Swenson got a walk on the election this year. You have till Monday if you want to duke it out to replace Hal Plotkin.

3 Meetings + Pilgrims Haven + 104,503 square feet = 37 new retirees in Los Altos Hills

San Jose’s Biblioteca Latinoamericana replaced the alleyway where Lavonna McLaughlin was murdered 15 years ago. Yesterday Deputy District Attorney Jeff Rosen painted a picture of the era as the trial for her accused killer started quietly in a Santa Clara County courtroom.

Firefighters halted a wildfire that started at Recology Pacheco Pass before it hit the methane pipes. Parent company, Norcal Waste Systems, breathed a sigh of relief but now worries over how the fire started.

Gary “Mr. Roadshow” Richards received an inbox full of email from grumpy backseat drivers. Easy people, the police asked for the warning about Cell-Phone Tuesday. You may now return to dangerous driving.

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro dishes… the yummy stuff is on order from local restaurateurs for Sunnyvale’s Saturday Jazz (green and line free, nice), Second Harvest Food Bank welcomes new CEO Kathryn Jackson, Spamalot lovers can whet their appetites at the Starlight presentation of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” last, but not least Happy Birthday Jack Aberle of San Jose State University’s Biz Admin.

Speaking of big birthdays… Los Gatos’ Betsy and David Fullagar’s 2007 birthday safari and growing friendship with Alweet Hlungwani set them on a journey that resulted this year in a library for the Makuleke tribe of South Africa.

Tweet this… That painful roller coaster ride is shut down for 2 months while engineers scratch their heads and the Twitverse keeps yakking. Stuck upside down for hours, Dominic Angel told his friends “gravity is not our friend right now.”

The Philip Bump/Revealed saga is a source of never ending fun for Mission City Lantern. An advisor to New York Public Advocate candidate Eric Gioia, Bump is getting a little West Coast love on the East Coast blogs.

Fan of students/San Jose Insider/Santa Clara County Board of Education’s Joseph DiSalvo has a few suggestions for parents checking out the neighborhood school.

Protect San Jose has joined the ranks of the anonymous blogger for a mildly comprehensible rundown on why San Jose should ditch CQ Press rankings, as the FBI did in 2004. According to CQ, they’re patiently waiting for the FBI to figure out what to use.


Ironically Anonymous in Almaden said...

Just an observation, but unlike SJ Revealed — and your site, btw — the POA puts its name and logo on Protect San Jose, so nothing posted there is ever truly anonymous.

Kathleen said...

Who runs the City of Palo Alto? I’d be embarrassed to admit I worked there if God forbid I ever did. Wow, a homeless man running for Council who is in the middle of a legal battle with the City for trying to run him out of town, a violation of their City Charter brought up by a citizen costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, a City Manager who makes excuses for such a costly blunder, man the list of ineptness is endless. What a bunch of dullards they must have in the City Manager's Office! May be they need an ice cream social to get together and figure it all out. Geech~

Anonymous said...

I like that story about the people who went to Africa. Sounds like they hung in there even when the going got tough.

Thanks for the good links you include along with "the rest" of what's happening here.