Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning News Round-Up – 1.04.10: The Brownstein Report...

Starting the New Year on a high note. San Jose’s controversy mired pension systems board heard the bad news about more retiree overpayments and one retiree not receiving enough. Oops.

The Merc sends props to two new years day babies.

Sunnyvale’s (rotating) Mayoralship is turning into a catfight. Councilmember/Community Administrator Ron Swegles issued a surprise statement saying the “critical issues” facing Sunnyvale (almost) require a “full-time mayor… I think I have more time” than fellow candidates Vice Mayor Melinda Hamilton and Mayor/Retiree Tony Spitaleri.

(rotating) Mayors are also on the minds of Palo Alto’s City Council as they welcome newcomers and elect the new Mayor.

Palo Alto wants to keep its geek-chic and proposes becoming a living laboratory exploring wages. Neil Struthers, CEO for the Building and Construction Trades Council, argues offering a “prevailing wage” doesn’t come with hidden costs and (probably) looks forward to the experiment.

Parents are hoping active courtship will bring Summit Preparatory Charter High to San Jose’s Eastside. Summit CEO Diane Tavenner calls it “wonderful” that parents are pushing and sends a reminder the competitive process continues.

Match fancy new Taser International CopCams with police accused of excessive force, sue Ferrari for not changing your life, and give Working Partnerships’ Bob Brownstein his own, very special, report are among the Merc’s Scott Herhold’s 2010 kickoff.

The Merc’s Joe Rodriguez kicks off the new year on a positive note. Former Teatro Vision director Raul Lozano’s career change helps put food into the yards of Eastside residents. With friends like the Health Trusts Fred Ferrer and Poncho Guevara from Sacred Heart, Lozano is well on his way.

Rough kick off to the new year in San Jose. Two dudes landed in the hospital after a knife fight. After the burning death of a homeless man was ruled murder, San Jose’s 2009 murder toll reached 28.

Thanks to the Merc, government watchers have a list of options this week…
  • The County’s Juvenile Justice Systems Collaborative appoints a group to review the disproportionate number of kids of color landing in juve. Funny, this sounds familiar
  • San Jose City Council’s Rules and Open Government Committee looks at ways to push biofuels, makes appointments and offers changes to public meeting rules.
  • Santa Clara’s Historical and Landmarks Commission considers a property tax break in exchange for a historic building.
  • The Los Gatos Union School District digs into an audit report.
  • Sex (education) is on the minds of the Milpitas Unified School District trying to fill the Sex Ed Advisory Committee.
Protect San Jose adds a new name to their blogroll, Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney/Candidate Jeff Rosen pens his opposition to the open grand jury and offers it’s the District Attorney’s job to decide whether to prosecute an officer following the use of deadly force. Strong words for a Police Officer Association blogger.

Mission City Lantern pokes Santa Clara Councilmember Jamie MacLeod to dish on meetings with Santa Clara Plays Fair.

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